Fauxcahontas to Blaze Trail for Clinton at DNC Convention

The Democrats have tapped former President Bill Clinton to try to make the case for Obama’s economic performance at the DNC convention in Charlotte next month. ABC reports that Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren will open for Clinton.


“It will be an honor to share the convention stage with President Clinton on Wednesday, and to talk about what is happening to America’s families,” Warren said in a statement released by the Democratic National Convention Committee. “I grew up in a hardworking family, in an America that was investing in kids like me. President Obama is committed to making sure that America has a level playing field for all our families and to ensuring that every kid has the opportunity to make it.”

Warren is running against Sen. Scott Brown, who won the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in a special election in 2010. Warren has been engulfed in controversy after her past claims to Cherokee Indian heritage surfaced. She apparently claimed to be Cherokee to receive preferential hiring treatment at the universities for which she has lectured. She continues to insist that she is a Cherokee, despite the fact that Cherokee genealogists have found no evidence to back up that claim. Cherokee tribal representatives have tried for weeks to meet with Warren, but she has brushed them off. One of her ancestors was among the troops who forcibly moved the Cherokee along the Trail of Tears.

None of this seems to bother President Obama or the Democratic Party.

“She was asked to speak because President Obama knows that Elizabeth is one of the strongest advocates for what’s at stake for the middle class– and our shared vision to move the country forward,” Mindy Myers, Warren’s campaign manager, informed supporters in a fundraising email shortly after the news broke, according to the ABC report.


Warren’s “advocacy” has also stirred controversy. In Sept 2011, during a “Talking Tour” she delivered strident remarks on the tax debt that successful business owners owe the rest of society.


President Obama would echo those remarks in Roanoke, VA in what has come to be known as the “You didn’t build that!” speech.

Obama was apparently using Warren’s speech without attribution, in his Roanoke speech. It turns out that both Obama and Warren borrowed their thinking from Berkeley professor  and far left activist George Lakoff.

Neither Clinton, Warren nor Obama have significant private sector work experience.


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