Cantor: 'Nothing More Extreme' Than Obama's Economic Agenda

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said last night on Fox that “there has been nothing more extreme than this president’s agenda for the economy.”


“As we have seen, the red ink is just flooded here in Washington. This place is awash in red ink. And awash in regulations,” Cantor said.

“And if the number one issue is to grow the economy, if the number one issue is to engender confidence on the part of the American people and the entrepreneurs, the last thing you need is Washington encroaching on every sector of the economy the way it is. And I don’t care what the acronym is, just pick one, there is a federal agency in this town that is doing damage to the small business person right now,” he said.

The majority leader added that he fears if the U.S. continues down the path of President Obama’s agenda, “we will be living in a country we do not recognize.”

“It is the Obama policies that are just anathema to the concepts of limited government and more individual freedom,” Cantor added.


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