Philly Mayor on Gun Control: 'I Have a First Amendment Right Not to Be Shot'

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a member of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns group, said on CNN today that it’s not too soon after the mass shooting at a midnight showing of the latest Batman movie in Colorado to talk gun control.


“This is a great tragedy, and, again, we need to keep the focus on those who were killed or injured,” Nutter said. “But you can’t really escape the fact that more reasonable gun regulations and procedures need to be in place, a strengthening and tightening of the national background check system. I don’t know why any civilian would ever be able to purchase an assault weapon or the parts that go with it.”

The mayor referenced reports that suspect James Holmes, who had no criminal record, was armed with an AR-15, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a Glock handgun, with a fourth handgun found in his car outside. Twelve people were killed and 59 wounded in the attack.

“That’s a lot of firepower in a very short period of time. This is a national crisis and a national issue and it needs to be addressed,” Nutter said, charging that Washington and Congress have been “quite dysfunctional” on gun issues.


“This is not a trip down the Second Amendment trap door. This is about reasonable regulations to protect people. Children were killed early this morning. Adults were killed. And this violence takes place on our streets in America every day,” he continued. “And we just need to come to grips with it and make the tough call to save people’s lives. I thought that’s what public service was all about.”

“Any right-thinking regular citizen wants to be safe. Again, I’m a big supporter of the Second Amendment. But I think I have a First Amendment right not to be shot,” Nutter added.


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