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Was the Top Iranian Rev Guards Commander Killed in Damascus?

I’m checking it, but there is a report that says so:

Reports in the Arab-language press indicate the head of Iran’s covert foreign operations Quds force was killed in Wednesday’s bombing in Damascus.

Al-Quds Force’s long-elusive commander, Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, is reported to have made several trips to Damascua to meet with Assad and his top commanders since January of this year.

Iran has made no bones about having bolstered Assad’s embattled regime with members of its own elite Revolutionary Guard, but the death of Suleimani would be a direct blow to Tehran.

General Suleimani has,  or perhaps had, an awful lot of blood on his murderous hands.  From the 1990s bombings in Argentina to the Iranian operations against American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, to hand-in-mailed-glove coordination with Hezbollah in various killings, his name should be at or near the very top of any Western “most wanted” list of mass murderers. The assassination of Suleimani would be comparable to the murder of Imad Mughniyah, the Hezbollah chief of operations who was intimately involved with the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, the Guards’ foreign legion commanded by Suleimani. His death at the hands of a suicide bomber would be ironically appropriate, and  a religious commentator might well term it Divine retribution.  It would also be a devastating blow to the Iranian regime, as well as to Hezbollah. I don’t think we’ve heard the full list of victims yet.  There could be others of his ilk.  So stay tuned.

UPDATE:  General Suleimani lives on.  He was in Iran at a secret planning meeting–to kill Americans in Afghanistan–that day.

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