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Evangelical College Joins Lawsuit Against ObamaCare

Wheaton College in Illinois has decided to join the lawsuits challenging ObamaCare’s abortifacient mandate:

Wheaton, a protestant institution, is objecting to the Department Health and Human Services rule on slightly different grounds than the Catholic institutions. While those institutions are opposed to the requirement regarding all contraceptive coverage, Wheaton objected only to the possibility that they would have to provide access to coverage for “abortion-inducing drugs.”

“We’re very clear on the sanctity of life, and this insurance mandate goes against our conscience,” Ryken said. He said the fact that Catholic groups are teaming up with an evangelical college in this lawsuit should signal that “something really significant in terms of religious liberty is at stake.”

The huge Southern Baptist Convention, which self-insures thousands of missionaries, staff and other employees worldwide, has also expressed its objections to the policy, but has yet to join the lawsuits challenging it.

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