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Pawlenty: Interest in Veep Chances Gets Greater Closer to D.C.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) said today that the level of interest in whether he will be the No. 2 on Mitt Romney’s ticket “is directly correlated to how close you are to Washington, DC.”


“The rest of the country is in the middle of the summer and probably thinking about other things,” Pawlenty told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.

Pawlenty was asked about “perspectives and skills” not shared with Romney, in the former Massachusetts governor’s words, he could bring to a ticket.

“In any team, whether it’s president and vice president, you want to have different ingredients, different dynamics. And one of those dynamics is making sure you have a skill set that complements each other in some ways,” he said. “There’s other considerations, too. Obviously geography and — and philosophy and abilities and skills and backgrounds.”

“And one ingredient might be, as I think Governor Romney alluded to this morning, having somebody who might bring something to the table that supplements, you know, one of his either strengths or weaknesses,” he added.

Pawlenty said he was “committed” to Romney regardless, “not because I think I, you know, was looking to be vice president.”

“I said many times, I think I can best serve him in other ways. But anybody would be honored to be asked,” he said.

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