Winner of Obama Reacts to Putin Photo Caption Contest

Thanks to all our PJ Media comrades who entered the Obama Reacts To Putin Photo Caption Contest.

Once again, creativity and humor are what we asked for and you delivered!


So now, after heavy ingestion of that “other clear white liquid,” (you know the fluid on which Russian President Putin was weaned); our judges are ready to announce the grand prize winner, upon who the Motherland bestows great honor and glory.

Drum roll as we salute:

Chris Henderson who wrote:

Putin: “I’m doing some ‘Community Organizing’ of my own in Syria.”

Congratulations Chris!  Big Russian bear hug to you.

The second place winner who receives honor but no glory is:

Cfbleachers who wrote:

Thanks for shutting down NASA. Want to see your future? Look in the Mir.

For the record, Cfbleachers is a past photo caption contest winner and contributes several terrific entries to each contest. So Cfbleachers take a bow!

Our third place winner of no honor or glory but just a measly mention is:

Kimbly who wrote:

“You know I can’t deal with your warships right now. I have 3 campaign events tonight.”

A very honorable mention goes to Hugh Vaughan-Williams who wrote:

“Comrade: to beat the Russian bear, you gotta to grow a pair”

A second honorable mention goes to Bryan Preston, Editor of PJ Tatler who wrote this little gem of a subhead to introduce the contest on the Tatler homepage:


So that’s what “Pooty Poot” meant….

Just in case any of our readers do not understand why Bryan’s subhead was so clever, “Pooty Poot” was the nick-name given to Russian President Vladimir Putin by President George W. Bush. (It’s a fact, you can not make this stuff up!)

Finally, we will conclude with the sickest, most warped entry submitted by Mike:

(with stereotypical Russian accent)

“You will do Droopy Dog impression for press conference or I kill Chechen babies!”

OMG, Tatler readers please forgive me for finding this deranged caption so humorous.

Thanks again for all who took the time to submit an entry.

We look forward to hearing from you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.




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