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Will the 'Blind Sheik' Fare Better than Jonathan Pollard?


BHO’s BFF, Egypt’s Islamist President Morsi, has been invited to the White House in September to break pita and enjoy a nice Halal dinner with America’s Islamistophile President Obama. Morsi’s visit should be interesting on a few counts. A lot of Egyptian history will be created from now until September and you can bet not all of it will be pleasant. Morsi is already involved in a power struggle with the courts and the military. If Morsi arrives in D.C. with trouble at home following in his wake, it could remind Americans what a debacle Obama’s foreign policy has been for our country and our friends in the Middle East. Then too, Obama is taking another risk. In his inauguration speech before tens of thousands in Cairo, Morsi declared publicly that he wants the Blind Terrorist, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, released from U.S. custody. He is certain to bring that up when he meets Obama. Obama’s handling of the situation will be watched closely by the American Jewish community, and whatever the outcome, it’s sure to invite comparison with the cold shoulder and short shrift he gave Shimon Peres’s request for Jonathan Pollard’s release.

That’s at least two traps Obama’s preternatural Islamophilia has laid for him. As we approach November we’ll see if he falls into both or either one.

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