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Sr. Obama Adviser: Romney is Trying to 'Purchase the Election'

Big money was fun when a liberal like Jon Corzine could ride his personal fortune to a governor’s mansion. Big money was big joy as long as unions spent billions pushing liberal Democrats and their socialist policies. Big money was even more fun when Barack Obama could raise $750 million in 2008, nearly half a billion more than John McCain and more than the Bush-Kerry 2004 total combined. Democrats were very happy about big money then.

But in 2012, when Republican Mitt Romney is outraising Barack Obama for the second straight month? Big money is unspeakably evil.

Senior White House adviser David Plouffe on Tuesday accused wealthy Mitt Romney supporters of trying to “purchase the White House,” one day after the presumptive GOP nominee announced a $106 million June fundraising haul that stunned the Obama campaign.

“You’ve got a few very wealthy people lining up trying to purchase the White House for Mr. Romney,” said Plouffe on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “We’re going to have to have everybody out there who wants the president to continue to a second term to step up and help the campaign.”

The number of people who want a second term of the Divider and Duffer in Chief seems to be getting smaller. A majority think Obama has led the country in the wrong direction according that Hill poll that came out on Monday.

Between this whine, the president’s cash $O$ email today, and last week’s hippie trip in which Obama imagined that he was outspent four years ago, it’s tempting to conclude that the White House is suffering from a mass delusion. They keep saying things that even they cannot really believe.


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