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Fresh From Invoking Executive Privilege, Obama Says Romney Must Be an 'Open Book'

Take notes here, folks, and put on your sunglasses. You are about to see the most glaring case of hypocrisy in modern US history.

“You know, I think what’s important if you’re running for president is that the American people know who you are, what you’ve done and that you’re an open book. And, you know, that’s been true of every presidential candidate dating back to Mr. Romney’s father,” President Obama said when asked if he thinks it is unpatriotic to have a Swiss bank account in an interview with WMUR-TV.

“Who you are” — Barack Obama still hasn’t explained substantial portions of his past, has not released his college transcripts, and has written a pair of books that have turned out to be full of “composite” characters and outright fiction. More than four years on the national stage, and the American people still don’t really know who their president is or what makes him tick.

“What you’ve done” — Prior to the presidency, what had Barack Obama done? He had won a couple of elections by getting his opponents kicked off ballots or by personally destroying them. He had given speeches. He had been a “community organizer” and an adjunct teacher. He was a backbencher in the Illinois and US Senates. He never ran a business or met a payroll or, really, did much of anything useful. He did, according to his biography, spend two of his high school years in a drug haze before getting into Ivy League schools. How’d that happen? He isn’t saying.

“Open book” — Says the man who still cloaks his true relationship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and race-baiter/mentor Jeremiah Wright. Be an “open book” says the man who casts all discussion of his own background as if it’s based on racism or some other sin. Be an “open book” says the man who has spent about a million dollars hiding his past. Be an “open book” says the man who just helped his attorney general hide thousands of Fast and Furious documents and who conceals his true agenda from the people while he pursues that agenda via regulation and fiat.

There is, by the way, video at the link — video which should turn up in a Romney ad before long.

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