Wedding Bells Ring for Barney Frank and Long Time Partner

As a poster boy for gay marriage, I don’t think that the LGBT community wants to use 72 year old Barney Frank.

After all, are these the vows between seriously committed couples that gays want to highlight?



The two pledged “to love each other and be each other’s best friend, in sickness and in health, in Congress or in retirement, whether the surf is up or the surf’s flat, for richer or for poorer, under the Democrats or the Republicans, whether the slopes are powdery or icy, whether the book reviews are good or bad, for better or for worse, on MSNBC or on Fox.”

Very cute. I suppose you can find instances of equally silly vows by hetero couples, but I recall for my wedding, my ex and I pondered the words we would say very carefully. Perhaps someone in Frank’s position — being the first Congressman to marry someone of the same sex — he should have been a little less flip about the whole thing.

There were more than 300 guests attending, although it is unknown whether Frank’s former live-in lover from the 1980’s who ran an escort service out of the Congressman’s apartment was one of them. The scandal resulted in a congressional reprimand for Frank.

The May-December romance (his partner Jim Ready, is 42) may be off-putting to some but love is love at any age, and for Rep. Frank and Mr. Ready, they seem not to have let it bother them.

Many would ask: Then why should it bother us?


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