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Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Pretty Happy that ObamaCare Ruling Means America Will Now 'Provide Health Insurance for Everyone'

Valerie Jarrett is President Barack Obama’s closest adviser, so close that she can and does overrule senior campaign adviser David Axelrod and members of the Obama cabinet. In a radio appearance on June 30, just two days after the US Supreme Court upheld the ObamaCare individual mandate as a tax, Jarrett appeared on a radio show to bask in the administration’s big win.

“We will take it [the court victory] any way we get it,” said Jarrett. “I mean, we argued both ways. We thought this fell within the commerce clause, the court ruled it was a tax. We really look at it as a penalty. But, whatever they wanna call it, the fact of the matter is, it was a historic day for the United States, a country as wealthy as ours is now gonna provide health insurance for everyone.”

The United States is currently more than $15 trillion in debt with $5 trillion tacked on since January 2009, and with the lowest participation in the work force in 30 years. The Social Security trust fund is running deficits, is expected to run out of money in 2033, and Congress and the White House have little appetite to reform it. Democrats have demagogued Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to reform it without offering any plan of their own. They did nothing to reform Social Security during the two years they controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency. Disability dependence is at all time high, further draining the US economy. Manufacturing is slowing, and unemployment is stuck around 8 percent nationally and higher in many states. It is this environment that Jarrett describes the United States as “wealthy,” and capable of taking on the entitlement task to “provide health insurance for everyone.”

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