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No, Romney Isn't Declaring 'Cease Fire' on ObamaTax

I’ve been as critical as anyone of Eric Fehrnstrom’s quip that ObamaTax isn’t a tax. But National Journal turned that quote into a full-blown cease-fire on the entire issue, and many in the conservative blogosphere and talk radio fell for it. That’s what happens when you shoot from the hip once too often.

People need to calm down. Don’t let the chase for a big headline smoke our eyes.

There has never been any evidence that Mitt Romney intends to stand down his pledge to repeal ObamaCare. None. Fehrnstrom’s quote wasn’t and isn’t helpful, but Romney has consistently said that he will grant all 50 states waivers exempting them from ObamaCare, and he has said he will repeal it on “day one.” He can only do that with a full GOP Congress, but the pledge is clear enough and Romney has not backed down from it at all since the ruling. At this point, Romney cannot retract that pledge without destroying his chances of winning in November, and he wants to win.

National Journal should amend or retract its headline. It is inaccurate to the point of being dishonest. There is no cease-fire from Romney and there won’t be a cease-fire from Romney. It’s up to Romney to lead the rest of the party now, and he seems to get that.

Folks should keep in mind, National Journal is part of the same leftist media-political complex that today is smearing Romney in Vanity Fair, Politico and the Washington Post, and will keep on smearing him and trying to divide him from the GOP base however they can. They’re trying to create confusion. It’s what they do.

Keep calm and keep the enemy in your sights.

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