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GOP Policy Chairman: 'Appropriate' for Roberts to Throw ObamaCare Back to Voters

The chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee said on CNN this morning that the Supreme Court “appropriately” threw ObamaCare back to the voters in its controversial ruling last week.

“I think the chief justice was wrong on this, but that’s not for me to say. The court has ruled and I respect that ruling. But I think what the chief justice says, he said it himself, it’s not the role of the court to protect the citizens from their political decisions, the consequences of their political decisions. He threw it right back in the American people’s lap, and appropriately so,” said Rep. Tom Price, a doctor and one of the strongest critics of the healthcare law in the lower chamber.

“This is a policy decision,” he continued. “Whether or not it’s constitutional, and it’s been now ruled constitutional, doesn’t mean it’s the right policy and now we’ve got to go to the people and say, do you want Washington involved in your lives in this manner.”

Price said historians will be able to better answer whether Chief Justice John Roberts, as asked by the CNN host, acted as “politician or symbol of bipartisanship.”

“I don’t think that’s the role of the court,” Price said. “The court said the law is constitutional. It remains the wrong policy for the country, which is why we believe that through appropriate political processes, the American people will select a Congress and president that will put in place patient centered solutions, not Washington centered solutions.”

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