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Welcome to Boston, Mr. President!

Tonight President Obama is hosting yet another high dollar fundraiser, in Boston. Fauxcahontas Warren is introducing him, highlighting the fact that Barack Obama isn’t easily embarrassed (but we already knew that). But this post isn’t about that, it’s about a handy infographic that the Romney campaign is greeting the president with.

It’s very good, but let’s be candid. Obama has shifted his campaign strategy. Gone is the “distraction of the week,” and it has been replaced with the outrage of the week. Last week and this it was immigration; first, the executive order on young illegal aliens which Obama himself admitted last year was illegal; today, it was canceling immigration enforcement cooperation with Arizona. The Romney camp has been strong up to now but it’s going to have to get very shrewd with how it reacts to these outrages/intended provocations. The next one coming is probably over student loan interest rates. The Democrats have already set that one up so that President Obama can claim credit for something the Democrats baked in a couple of years ago. June 30 is the deadline.

The Romney camp will have to gauge its reactions in light of possible reaction from independents and the GOP base. That’s what Obama is setting Romney up for — make either independents or the Republican base angry, by reacting to what Obama is doing. Turn either one off to Romney and Obama wins. Romney can’t keep not reacting, at some point the base will get antsy with him or even conclude that he would not undo what Obama is doing. But Romney can’t over react either. He’ll have to be Goldie Locks and get the reactions just right. No easy task.

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