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In Which We Learn that ABC News is Literally In Bed With the Obama Campaign

Last week ABC News published a widely panned article that claimed the Romney campaign’s future hung on a single speech to a single group in the middle of June. It was idiotic. This blog and others gave ABC some stick for the piece, and they changed the headline. ABC never noted that Obama hadn’t even spoken to the same group, NALEO, since 2008 but his fate wasn’t similarly “hanging in the balance.”

But there’s more to the story. A lot more. Matthew Jaffe wrote the piece for ABC News. Guess what:

Matthew Jaffe is engaged to be married to Katie Hogan.

Katie Hogan is Deputy Press Secretary to none other than….

President Barack Obama:

At least four marriages came out of the 2008 Barack Obama campaign, including next month’s wedding of the President’s deputy press secretary, Katie Hogan, to ABC reporter Matt Jaffe. “Dozens of relationships were formed over late-night pizza and a belief in the possibility of a historic campaign,” says Jen Psaki, 33, former White House deputy communications director.

The only real surprise in this story? That we’re not talking about NBC “News.”

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