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PJM Exclusive: FBI investigating Hamas operative tied to massive fire in Milwaukee yesterday - UPDATED

According to a law enforcement source I just spoke with, the FBI is looking into the ties of a longtime convicted Hamas operative and fundraiser Jamil Sarsour to a massive five alarm fire yesterday in Milwaukee. My source also said that the business fire also appears to be tied to a house fire across town that was set at nearly the same time.


But it doesn’t appear that Sarsour is the victim in this case. As my source said, “This is definitely not a hate crime. He looks to be right in the middle of it.”

Sarsour was convicted in Israel of providing military support to a senior Hamas operative that was later used in a bus bombing that killed two Americans and served four years in prison. He was charged in US court when he returned in December 2002.

UPDATE: CBS58 is reporting that the business burned down was owned by Sarsour and the house was owned by his brother. The family put out a statement claiming that the fires were “accidental” and that the simultaneous timing was “coincidental”.

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