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MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Lies About the Romney #WaWa Clip She Lied About Yesterday

Cable TV news is so darn restrictive, or something.

Andrea Mitchell did “address” the selective editing of a Mitt Romney clip Tuesday — by saying the show “didn’t get a chance to play” the rest of the mischaracterized clip and moving on to another topic.

Her show is an hour long, minus ads, about 48 minutes of real air time.

MSNBC told Politico’s Dylan Byers Tuesday Mitchell would “address” the editing of a clip that featured Romney speaking on WaWa convenience stores and bureaucratic inefficiency. The editing of the MSNBC clip implied Romney had never seen touchscreen technology.

It was a dishonest on-air manipulation of the source material to substantively change its meaning. Firings need to happen.

Update: Breitbart calls it a cover-up.


This is the second time this year that NBC has been caught red-handed deceptively editing to create an angle that did not exist in the original material. The first was the Zimmerman 911 calls, which NBC chopped up to make George Zimmerman sound racist. Now this one, in which NBC is trying to make Mitt Romney sound out of touch. And then trying to cover their tracks when caught out.