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MSNBC Dances Around Andrea Mitchell's Dishonest #WaWa Edit

Politico, which has layers of writers but did no legwork on this story at all, gets a statement out of the most dishonest network in America:

UPDATE: An MSNBC spokesperson emailed the following at 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon:

“MSNBC did not edit anything out of order or out of sequence and at no time did we intend to deceive our viewers.”   

No one accused MSNBC of editing anything out of order or out of sequence. What MSNBC did do was chop out enough of what Romney did say to totally change its meaning. That wasn’t an accident, because the on air airhead, Andrea Mitchell, pitched the clip to her guest as another Bush supermarket scanner incident.

As for MSNBC’s assertion that it did not intend to deceive its viewers, if that’s the case then they would have us believe that all those liberals tweeting how out of touch Romney is were deceived entirely by accident. Or, they all know what Romney said and are slamming him anyway.

What I’m saying is, NBC is still lying. Twice this year they have pulled the exact same stunt, dishonestly editing quotes to change their meaning and drive a political narrative that was not present in the original clip. The network thinks we’re dumb enough to buy its pathetic spin and excuses.