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AP Radio Story Headline: 'Trial of US Army Psychiatrist May Be Delayed Because of His Beard'

A friend of mine called me up to tell me about the headline he heard in an AP newscast on local radio. It’s quite…incomplete. Here’s a story with a more accurate headline.

The “US Army psychiatrist” is of course Nidal Hassan, the Muslim terrorist who opened fire on Ft. Hood, TX on Nov. 5, 2009 and killed 13, wounding 30. Hassan, who was in contact with now dead terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, has grown a beard while awaiting trial, probably to get himself in line with the Islamic beliefs that led to him shouting “Allahu ackbar!” as he gunned down US military soldiers and civilians. He is playing the religious persecution card.

The US Army forbids beards of any kind among its personnel. The presiding judge has ordered Hassan to shave the beard and threatened to keep him out of the courtroom if he doesn’t. If the Army goes too far in forcing him to shave the beard that he will claim has a religious origin, that is bound to come up in appeal somehow, or at least that’s what he’s banking on. So the mass-murdering terrorist’s beard is holding things up.