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SF Chronicle reprints 2006 article as breaking news — because it contained flattering Obama tidbit

Just how deep in the tank for Obama is the MSM?


The San Francisco Chronicle just uploaded a “new” investigative article for tomorrow’s “Sunday Insight” section, entitled “Power is not only an aphrodisiac, it does weird things to some of us”. Fine. Nothing odd about that. It’s a fairly interesting, if a bit predictable, article about how power corrupts people.

But on page 3, near the end of the article, after we are told that “people who are naturally selfish grow even more selfish if they attain power, while people who are naturally selfless and giving become more so with power,” comes this peculiar fact:

So what is required to remain uncorrupted — to handle power with grace?

The experts say that to remain grounded, it takes a deliberate effort, a sense of humor about yourself and a willingness to become more, not less, reflective. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama says he gains more insights into the needs of constituents by flying in coach.

Say what? Illinois Senator Barack Obama??? A quick check back at the dateline for the article reveals all: Sunday, November 19, 2006.

Why in the world would a major newspaper reprint a 6-year-old article as if it was fresh and new? Is there a shortage of writers and content in 2012? The whole thing seems odd and inscrutable.

Until, that is, you encounter the little Obama tidbit at the end. Suddenly it all becomes clear: They were trying to find some way to remind the public of how selfless and humble Obama is (or was, at least), and the solution was to reprint an old article nonchalantly, as if it was new. Except someone forgot to update “Illinois Senator” to “President” in the editing process. Ooops.