House GOPs: We Can't Wait... to Vote Against Holder!

I’m guessing that if there’s anything that could lure members of Congress to return to Washington from their home districts this week, it’s the prospect of voting on the contempt citation that will be before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee on June 20. Check out this excited, no-holds-barred statement from committee member Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R-N.Y.):


“Attorney General Eric Holder is in Contempt of Congress and I will vote ‘Aye’ without reservation during next week’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee meeting.

“Throughout Congress’s investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, he has been callous toward deceased Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s family, inaccurate in the information he has provided to Congress, and he has not taken responsibility for his role while dodging difficult questions. Mr. Holder’s continued deflection of accountability and denial of any previous knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious is shameful.

“I applaud Chairman Issa for his continued efforts to ensure the appropriate official(s) are held accountable for the irresponsible tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious, which resulted in the death of Agent Terry and hundreds of Mexicans.

“I have asked the Attorney General before and I ask him again, how bad does a situation have to be, how many people have to be killed before he believes he should be held accountable? If 5 border patrol agents had been killed would Mr. Holder take responsibility? 10? 20? How many?

“These types of questions are not beneath a Member of Congress. One life lost is too many. One life lost deserves justice. Brian Terry’s family deserves answers. It is time that Eric Holder answers for the injustices that he has overseen because whether he is a liar or incompetent he has utterly failed in his responsibilities as Attorney General.”


Here’s Issa on Fox today after his announcement:


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