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Obama Greeted by Protesters on Pelosi Turf

In San Francisco for a pair of campaign fundraisers, President Obama didn’t get quite the red carpet he may have been expecting in the City by the Bay.

Arriving at the Julia Morgan Ballroom for an event with Willie Mays and Gov. Jerry Brown after a closed press event at the Landmark Tower, Obama’s motorcade was greeted by several hundred protesters, according to the White House pool report.

While some — including two dressed in polar bear suits — encouraged Obama to stop Arctic drilling, others were waving Romney signs.

Many waved hand-made signs including “Obama was just a BAD HIRE!!” and “HOPE you like the CHANGE November 6th, 2012”

Several signs referred to the Wisconsin recall: “As goes WI goes the USA” and “The People 1, Unions 0”

Obama didn’t mention Wisconsin in his luncheon speech. He invoked Bill Clinton, reported the pooler, but only to quote him saying that Republicans don’t have any new ideas.

Mays told the crowd at the fundraiser that seeing Obama elected was as exciting as the World Series.

“We have a man that we want to get back into the White House. We need him,” Mays said.

Obama said that he couldn’t have made history as he did without ballplayers like Mays and Jackie Robinson “to lay the groundwork for a more inclusive America.”