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Total Recall: WALKER, KLEEFISCH WIN; Big Labor, Big Loser (Update: Waterloo!)

And now we await the results. Drudge hit the alert at around 5 central with exit poll leaks saying that Walker had about a five point lead. Later on Fox, Carl Cameron confirmed that, saying that the governor was beating the recall 52-47 with about an hour to go at that point. Now we’ll start getting real results and I’ll update here as I see them. Feel free to use the comments to post anything you might be hearing or seeing related to the recall.

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Update: Fox is reporting that it’s too close to call. According to the exit polls, Barrett leads among college grads, Walker leads among Catholic voters, both by about 10 points apiece.

Update: On CNN, RNC chairman Reince Priebus said that President Obama “left Democrats standing at the altar” by choosing not to campaign for Barrett. Obama has set himself for a no-win situation tonight. If Barrett wins, Obama’s decision not to help robs him of any credit he could have taken for it. If Walker wins, Democrats can blame Obama for failing to show up. Especially if the Walker win is a narrow one.

Update 8:22 central: CNN is reporting that its exit polls put the race at 50-50. Yikes.

Update: Watching Ace’s election map, with 2% in Walker leads 38k to 32k votes, or about 55-45. But it’s early.

Update 8:30 central: Fox is reporting that so far Lt Gov Kleefisch also leads, by about 58-42.

Update 8:33: Comparing Ace’s map to the 2010 results on this map (which has the red-blue reversed) tonight’s results are tracking perfectly with the last battle between Walker and Barrett.

8:37: And CNN cuts away to the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee?!?

8:43: Walker is still leading, with about 11% in. But a pair of big Democrat counties in the north, Ashland and Douglas, have not reported in at all. Both went for Barrett in 2010. One hates to speculate that anyone is holding back counts to see how much they’ll need to get over the top, but…

8:46: CNN just updated its exit poll, which shows Walker leading 52-48 and Kleefisch leading 51-49.

8:54: NBC is the first to call the race: Gov. Walker is the first governor in American history to defeat a recall attempt. Cost of the recall: $63 million. The looks on the faces of crestfallen MSNBC anchors: Priceless.

9:00: Fox, ABC, and CNN have all called it for Walker. Fox has also called it for Lt. Gov. Kleefisch, making her the first lieutenant governor to be recalled, and the first to defeat a recall.

9:18: Eat up, big fella.

9:19: Mitt Romney reacts:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney made the following statement on Governor Scott Walker’s victory in the today’s Wisconsin recall election:

“I congratulate Scott Walker on his victory in Wisconsin. Governor Walker has demonstrated over the past year what sound fiscal policies can do to turn an economy around, and I believe that in November voters across the country will demonstrate that they want the same in Washington, D.C. Tonight’s results will echo beyond the borders of Wisconsin. Governor Walker has shown that citizens and taxpayers can fight back – and prevail – against the runaway government costs imposed by labor bosses. Tonight voters said ‘no’ to the tired, liberal ideas of yesterday, and ‘yes’ to fiscal responsibility and a new direction. I look forward to working with Governor Walker to help build a better, brighter future for all Americans.”

9:33: Aw, there was “disbelief” at Barrett HQ after NBC called it for Walker.

9:40: It’s time to break out the Abba, because Wisconsin is Waterloo for Big Labor.

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