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Obama Tweets for Barrett

Over the weekend, President Obama led half a dozen campaign appearances including stops near but not in Wisconsin. He has not said much about today’s recall election in the Badger State, but he finally broke his silence with a tweet for Tom Barrett:

Obama tweet read: “It’s Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I’m standing by Tom Barret. He’d make an outstanding governor. –bo.”

Despite urging from many state Democrats, Obama has so far avoided campaigning for Barrett in Wisconsin, where Walker holds a slight lead in recent polls.

Barrett claims that he doesn’t feel ignored by the president. Surely now, with a presidential tweet, he feels downright loved by POTUS. Democrats and Big Labor forces in the state, though, arently likely  to remain sanguine about Obama’s lack of attention to the recall. If Walker wins, Big Labor’s big benefits may be in danger in states all over the nation.