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'Narrowly,' CNN? That Word Does Not Mean What You Think It Means (Update: The Hill Uses the Same Word)

CNN initially headlined its web story on the recall with this subheadline, over on the left:

As of this writing, with more than 75% of the vote counted, Walker leads by 11 percentage points, nearly 200,000 votes.

h/t to Patrick Poole for grabbing the screen shot before CNN changed it, which they have.

Update: Just in to the Tatler, a CNN poll update: Custer lost at Little Big Horn “narrowly.”

Also, Pickett’s charge failed, but it was a close run thing. And the Buffalo Bills lost those Super Bowls to the Dallas Cowboys by a whisker.

Update: The Hill’s coverage. Click to enlarge. Note the subheadline.

Update: Just in from CNN and The Hill: Walter Mondale loses to Ronald Reagan, narrowly.