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Winner of Romney at Solyndra Photo Caption Contest

Thanks to all PJ Tatler readers who submitted entries.

The panel of drunk VIP judges, back from a weekend of serious partying are ready to announce the winner.


“I’d like to introduce you all to the future home of the Barack Obama Presidential Library”

Submitted by Macheath99

Congratulations Macheath99 whomever you are!

Now here are some entries that impressed the sober non-VIP judges:

I wanted to get here before OWS (Occupy Wall Street)  came to squat on more taxpayer funded vacant property.

Submitted by Bpseudomallei

Stop #1 on the Obama magical misery tour.

Submitted by grb

Welcome to the future site of the unsold Chevy Volt storage facility.

Submitted by Rikoshaprl

If you’re going to have an investor in chief, why not have a successful one?

Submitted by rbj

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Caption Contest!