Rubio: DREAM Act Alternative Takes Away Dem Weapon

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) elaborated a bit on his DREAM Act alternative on today’s Fox “Journal Editorial Report,” saying it takes the wind of out an issue that Democrats planned to use against Republicans in the fall.


“There are some that were counting on this issue to use on the campaign and to use against Mitt Romney and the Republican Party, and I don’t think they want there to be a reasonable Republican alternative, because it takes away the argument,” Rubio said. “I think we have plenty of other issues to debate and this is one we should take off the table and try to solve.”

While many are politicizing the issue of how to handle the children of illegal immigrants, he said, “there are some in the Democratic Party that legitimately want to help the kids.”

The senator said he’s heard “promising tones” from some Democrats who are willing to come to the table and work with him.

“All I’m trying to do is help these kids do right when their parents did wrong,” Rubio said.


“It’s a non-immigrant visa, which is what we give like a student visa, and it allows you to stay in the United States and complete your studies,” he said. “After some period of time in the future after you have been here — we are still debating how long that should be — at that point, you would be he like any other non-immigrant visa holder in the country, you would be allowed, if you want to, to apply through the green card through the existing system, not through some special path, because that is the complaint about amnesty.”


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