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Gingrich: I'm Excited About Romney Because He's Not Obama

Defending his former rival on CNN yesterday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said “candidly, with Barack Obama as the alternative, it is very easy for me to be excited and enthusiastic for Mitt Romney.”

“Look, I threw a kitchen sink on Romney, and he threw a somewhat larger kitchen sink at me,” Gingrich said of the heated primary season, where most everybody took a turn as the front-runner before the former Massachusetts governor came out on top.

“The difference between the America that Obama will create and the America that Romney will create is so dramatic, I have no problem at all getting over — it was a very tough, bruising campaign on both sides,” the Speaker told Anderson Cooper.

“I think Romney would tell you that I hit him about as hard as I knew how to and he came back and did the same to me,” Gingrich continued. “But when you look at the nation, and you look at what’s at stake, there’s an enormous difference between where Governor Romney would take us and where the president is taking us.”