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Oh No, Mitt Didn't Have an Event at Solyndra! (Update: Yeah, Mitt Did That Too)

Oh yes, Mitt did. The GOP’s nominee went and had himself a press event outside the empty husk that once housed the pride of Barack Obama’s greendoggle public equity failures: Solyndra. Here’s a photo that’s hitting the Twitter. Mitt Romney, I am starting to like the cut of your jib sir.

President Obama burned half a billion taxpayer dollars on Solyndra, a government-backed loan that went to several of his political supporters. If we had a real mainstream media, it would hound Obama about the obvious corruption that the Solyndra deal implies.

But instead, let’s just note a couple of facts. While Mitt Romney helmed Bain Capital, it invested billions of private money in hundreds of companies and racked up a 78% success rate and truly created or saved thousands of jobs. Obama’s success rate investing billions of dollars in taxpayer money in politically correct ventures have so far racked up something in the neighborhood of a zero success rate. As the Washington Post put it, Obama’s greendoggles tended to privatize any profits while socializing the losses. Which means you and I lost money while Obama’s pals and supporters piled it up, some of which went right back to support Obama’s re-election.

I oppose the government investing in Solyndras and Ener1s and similar ventures, but if we’re going to do it, shouldn’t we at least have a competent investor with a real business track record making the calls? Duh.

Update: Just to make it official, Mitt checked into Solyndra on Foursquare. He added that it was “great fun” looking at the “Taj Mahal which is known as Solyndra.” Rush is right: This is not the McCain campaign. Thank goodness.