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Undercover Video Shows Austin, TX Planned Parenthood Encouraging Sex-Selective Abortion

“Gendercide” is the explosive term that Live Action uses to describe what you’re about to see. It’s not inaccurate.

According to Live Action:

“I see that you’re saying that you want to terminate if it’s a girl, so are you just wanting to continue the pregnancy in the meantime?” a counselor named “Rebecca” offers the woman, who is purportedly still in her first trimester and cannot be certain about the gender. “The abortion covers you up until 23 weeks,” explains Rebecca, “and usually at 5 months is usually (sic) when they detect, you know, whether or not it’s a boy or a girl.” Doctors agree that the later in term a doctor performs an abortion, the greater the risk of complications.

The Planned Parenthood staffer suggests that the woman get on Medicaid in order to pay for an ultrasound to determine the gender of her baby, even though she plans to use the knowledge for an elective abortion. She also tells the woman to “just continue and try again” for the desired gender after aborting a girl, and adds, “Good luck, and I hope that you do get your boy.”

In the video, the Planned Parenthood worker also admits abusing Medicaid herself to get taxpayer funding for prenatal care, and staying on Medicaid after aborting her child.

Live Action launched the video today on

Update: Planned Parenthood says the worker in the video has been fired, and that the organization does not deny sex-selective abortions.

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