UN Nominates Travel Banned Dictator to be Tourism Ambassador

The United Nations just topped itself for Stupidest Nominations in World History. Not content, apparently, with putting the likes of Syria and Libya on the Human Rights Commission, the UN has made Zimbabwe’s top thug Robert Mugabe its “tourism ambassador.”


Mugabe is a notorious racist who seized power in Zimbabwe by force. He confiscated land from white farmers and redistributed it to black farmers and called that theft “reform.” His policies have destroyed the country’s economy and turned it into a pariah state. He has been under a travel ban for more than a dozen years, yet the UN made him a tourism ambassador.

None of that seems to mean much to the UN’s bureaucrats, so how about this: Bob Mugabe hates teh gheys.

Even that’s not enough?

Mugabe’s appointment to a job he literally cannot fulfill, since he is on an international travel ban, ought to be a scandal for the UN, but this is the same organization that gave us Oil-For-Food corruption and assorted rape scandals. For the world’s least credible, most shameless institution, there is no such thing as scandal.


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