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No Creamer Jokes, Please

Get yourself a cup of Joe at any one of Marylou’s fine locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The servers are pretty and the coffee is hot. It’s the Hooter’s of New England coffee shops — what’s not to love?

Lots, apparently, if you’re one of the bluenoses at the EEOC. The Boston Herald has the story:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been quietly probing Marylou’s’ hiring practices for nearly a year, the Herald has learned, with investigators pulling reams of job applications, interviewing company brass and grilling the 29-store chain’s pink-clad clerks about their co-workers’ gender, age, race and body type, according to the company.

Marylou’s execs deny any discrimination.

“We have never had a complaint against us for age discrimination or any kind of discrimination,” founder Marylou Sandry wrote in a plea for help to state Sen. John F. Keenan (D-Quincy). “We feel that the EEOC is on a witch hunt.”

A major witch hunt:

Katherine J. Michon, a Boston lawyer who specializes in discrimination cases, said the length and scope of the investigation indicates the feds are serious about cracking down on the company.

We ran up another $5,000,000,000,000 on the national Amex last year, and the EEOC is spending oodles because some spoilsport bureaucrat is worried that the girls at Marylou’s might be too pretty.

It’s time to start abolishing agencies. The do-nothing, busybody* EEOC would be a fine place to start.

*Yes, it is possible to be both a do-nothing and a busybody — if you’re a federal agency.