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I Told You They Would Blame Obama's Awful Kentucky and Arkansas Results on Race

And here comes Politico to prove me right. Thanks!

[H]is rough ride through the Upper South is a reminder that in some ways Obama is still haunted by his 2008 remark about people who “cling to guns or religion.” While there are plenty of more important factors driving the Upland South hostility toward him – among them, race, culture and some specific administration policies – it’s hard not to notice his unpopularity in a region of the country where gun ownership and church worship rates are high.

You Christian wingnuts just can’t stand a black man. We have a troll here who trots that argument out in comments with mind-numbing routine. And they’re right of course, unless you count Allen West, who is a conservative hero. And Clarence Thomas. And Thomas Sowell, and once upon a time, Colin Powell and Alan Keyes etc and etc. Except for them, and J. C. Watts, the former Oklahoma congressman, southerners can’t stand a black man holding office.

Check out the comments on the Politico article, which mostly amount to Democrats convincing themselves that Obama’s weak showing in unchallenged primaries are not his or his policies’ fault. Show the Democrats and their media allies empirical evidence that the president’s policies are hurting his chances to keep his job, and they’ll plug their ears and shout racism. It’s all too predictable. Here’s to hoping that the media don’t stop believing, and keep on goosing polls to prop their dear leader up. That will make Obama’s ouster in November that much more unexpected for them, and sweeter for everyone else.

Update (10:34 am central): An MSNBC White House correspondent just blamed Obama’s poor showing on race. She couched it with the “some analysts say” trick. They had her do the stand-upper at a NASCAR event. Heh.