Former Client Calls Out Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred and Summer Zervos

Remember Debrahlee Lorenzana? A couple of years ago she claimed that Citibank fired her for being too sexy for her job. She sued. She hired Gloria Allred to represent her. Now, she says hiring Allred was a big mistake.


“If I could turn back time, I would have not chosen Gloria Allred as my lawyer,” she said.

The 35-year-old knockout sued her former employer for allegedly canning her over her killer curves.

Lorenzana said she sympathizes with Lauren Odes, the latest pink-slipped stunner to retain Allred. Odes says that her employer tried to get her to “tape her breasts down” and wear a bathrobe at work because her outfits showed too much skin.

“Nobody should be fired because of their physical appearance,” Lorenzana said. “I feel sorry for the girl.”

But Odes could be in for a rude awakening, Lorenzana said, charging that Allred worked her case more like a photo-op than a lawsuit — a charge the big-name attorney disputed.

“The only times I saw her (Allred) was when the media was there,” she said.

Allred later dumped Lorenzana.

“I thought because she was a woman that she would really fight for me,” [Lorenzana] said.

Gloria Allred is a shameless camera-hogging media whore who cares more about her press than the welfare of her clients? Who knew? Well, other than pretty much everyone.

I apologize in advance for posting this video. It’s very disturbing, certainly not for kids, but that’s the point. Consider it evidence to back up Lorenzana’s prosecution of Allred.


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