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Daniels: If I Thought VP Call Was Coming, 'I Would Disconnect the Phone'

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels told Fox News today that if a call would come asking him to be Mitt Romney’s VP, he would unplug the phone.

Daniels was asked if he would make a Shermanesque statement about joining the ticket.

“I would give a variation on it,” he responded. “It is not an office I want to hold, expect to hold, or have any plans to hold.”

“I just don’t think that a person in this country should say ever, if asked to serve, no. There, I guess I would part company with Sherman,” Daniels added.

“You have not been asked yet?” asked host Stuart Varney.

“Of course not, and won’t be,” Daniels replied.

“Aren’t there oblique, sort of round-corner-approaches to thank? Governor, we need you, nobody has said that?” Varney pressed.

“Well, if I thought that call was coming,” Daniels said, “I would disconnect the phone.”