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The Great Lobachevsky Meets Fauxcahontas at Harvard

As if it weren’t enough the Democratic Massachusetts senatorial candidate and Harvard Law prof Elizabeth Warren has been exposed for faking an evidently non-existent Cherokee background, it now appears Fauxcahontas plagiarized recipes she contributed to a “Native American”-based cookbook called, oh-so-cleverly, POW WOW CHOW.

Fortnuately for Warren, it’s doubtful she will be kicked out of Harvard for this. Even given the university’s supposedly high  plagiarism standards, they have a solid history of finally being  helpful to the plagiarists in their midsts. But no problem. The real question is how the Mass voters will respond to Fauxcahontas now Faux Julia Childs.

This calls for a chorus of “The Great Lobachevsky” by Tom Lehrer, a Harvard man when that meant something. What? You don’t know “The Great Lobachevsky”? Listen up. You’re in for a treat.

And now, Irving Berlin honors Elizabeth Warren…. featuring Mary Martin in “I Am Indian Too.”