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OccuFarm: The Aftermath

As I reported on Monday, Berkeley’s “Occupy the Farm” protest came to an ignominious end this week. I swung by yesterday to snap a few photos of the aftermath, but it turns out I wasn’t the only one who just couldn’t quit the farm.

Shortly after being booted out by police who dismantled their weeks-long illegal encampment, several Occupiers returned to the farm and revealed to the world what a mature, serious political movement they are:

Here’s an exact transcript of the Occupiers taunting the police who are guarding the farm:

Occupier #1: Real tough guys, yeah, real tough. Go back and get your bikinis on, you fuckin’ Baywatch bitches. Get your little fuckin’ tricycle and the get fuck out of here. You little faggot. C’mon bitch! Yeah, bitch! Yeah, fuck you bitch! Fuck you!

Occupier #2: You wanna suck my dick? You wanna suck my cock? Go blow me! Blow me!

Occupier #3: [Tries to stop the others from using the word “faggot”.]

Occupier #4: [Addressing Occupier #3] It’s not the word, it’s who you’re calling it with.

Occupier #1: C’mon, get some right here! Right here! [Grabbing his crotch.]

Occupier #4: Yeah, you heterosexuals!

Occupier #1: C’mon, you’re too small to jerk this.

Occupier #2: [Addressing Occupier #1] You got three balls, don’t you? Joe, you got three nuts?

Occupier #1: [Addressing the police] I got three nuts! That’s three more than you!

The part where one of them tries in vain to stop all the others from using homophobic insults, but is rebuffed with the explanation “It’s not the word, it’s who you’re calling it with,” reveals a great deal about the mindset of the left. They insist on “civility” in discourse, but the rules only apply to their opponents, never to them. You’re not allowed to bully them, but they can bully you. Why? Because they have a Lifetime Immunity Certificate, since they are the “champions of tolerance” fighting against The Man.

Anyway, long after this incident, I myself visited U.C. Berkeley’s Gill Tract farm and snapped a few photos to see what had become of the Occupation.

Police now stand guard at the entrance. Understandably.

Security guards patrol the land. The Occupiers’ pathetic attempts at gardening, or at least the few plants that haven’t yet been plowed under, wilt in the sun.

Tanker trunks and other heavy machinery prepare the soil for the scientists’ experimental plantings.

All traces of the Occupation are otherwise gone.

(Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for unearthing the video.)