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Chuck Schumer: Facebook Co-Founder Wants to 'De-Friend' His US Citizenship

Sen. Chuck Schumer has raced to the nearest TV camera to beclown himself yet again. This time, the liberal New York senator is angry with Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin for renouncing his US citizenship in favor of Singaporean citizenship, to save himself a mint on taxes as Facebook goes public.

Saverin announced his change of citizenship one year ago. Only now, though, when Facebook is in the limelight, does Schumer insert himself into the issue. Obviously, Schumer’s main interest in jumping on this story is to promote Chuck Schumer. He doesn’t really care about anything else.

Saverin is Brazilian by birth. He is already a dual citizen and became a US citizen by choice. He is now making the choice to become a Singaporean citizen. Is Sen. Schumer not militantly pro-choice?

Rather than accept the facts — that the United States has the highest capital gains tax rates in the world, and is becoming more and more hostile to business under Democrat leadership, and that’s among the reasons Saverin is going to Singapore — Schumer blasts Saverin and threatens to pass a law banning him from ever entering the United States again. We haven’t had a national budget in forever thanks to the Democrats, but set that aside. What sort of message does Schumer’s camera hoggery send to other entrepreneurs around the world? How about, that out of spite, Schumer and his ilk would make the US even more hostile to business than it currently is. “Stay from the USA” is Schumer’s ultimate message. If you ever set foot there and work within the laws of citizenship, it may come back to haunt you.

Schumer also has another slight problem to deal with. Evidence emerged today that Barack Obama “de-friended” his American citizenship in 1991, if not legally, then at least publicly. Why did Barack Obama pass himself off as born in Kenya? Was he running some kind of racial con game to goose his marketability as an author? And why isn’t Schumer as angry with Obama as he is at the entrepreneur, Eduardo Saverin?

Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question. But at least Saverin knows how to create jobs, wherever he lives. That’s more than we can say of the con man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I don’t condone Saverin’s choice, but it isn’t all that surprising that a “citizen of the world” shops nations the way some people shop jobs nowadays. Saverin is voting with his feet to get a better deal, as he did when he renounced Brazilian citizenship for American citizenship. Isn’t this what the open borders crowd wants — open borders? Isn’t this what the post-national progressives want — for people to get beyond the trappings of nationalism and embrace universalism?

Schumer should just do himself and the nation a favor, and just schut up.