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Biden on Wright Ad: PAC Acts 'Like it's 1942 or Something'

Vice President Joe Biden said at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania that a conservative super PAC’s proposal to run ads linking President Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright was “like it’s 1942 or something.”

Biden stopped at Hogfather’s Old Fashioned BBQ in Washington, Pa., on his way to the airport in Pittsburgh, chatting with patrons and leaving with a big piece of carrot cake and a couple racks of ribs.

At the counter, he was asked about the ad, which Mitt Romney said today that he “repudiated.”

“I was looking at my Blackberry on the way in and, guys, look: I think guys like that so misunderstand the state of the nation they act like its 1942 or something,” Biden said, according to the White House pool report.

“I mean, think the public is so, so far beyond,” he continued. “And then I heard getting out of the car it looks like they are not going to do that now. Look, there are certain things that are sort of so morally clear and straight – straight lines about it – it almost doesn’t warrant commenting.”