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Piers Morgan Drives CNN Over a Cliff

Boy, was I not surprised when I saw the headline CNN Hits Lowest Primetime Demo Rating at 9PM in 15 Years. Nor did I bat an eye when reading the explanation:

Unfortunately for CNN, “Piers Morgan Tonight” was the apparent victim of the busy night, drawing only 39,000 viewers 25-54 at 9 PM. To say those ratings are anomalous would be something of an understatement. That is the lowest 9 PM weekday demo rating for CNN since at least 1997. While the ratings were an outlier, it was a fairly normal edition of “PMT,” with Morgan hosting. Guests included Jane Lynch and “The man with the golden voice” Ted Williams.

You’d think CNN would get that many people channel-surfing looking for the Home Shopping Network or some such. Never mind. Most viewers have a modicum of taste and would normally flee from Piers Morgan. CNN execs ought to take a hard look at this bizarre interview of Jonah Goldberg by Morgan. The subject was supposed to be Goldberg’s new book. Instead, it comes off as a display of a cognitive dissonance on the part of the interviewer. Quite interesting viewing if you’re interested in the Psychopathology of Every Day Liberal Minds.