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The University of Chicago Medical Center: Obama's Bunny Mellon?

It was eye raising enough that when the Obamas needed more funds to maintain a nice lifestyle while Obama’s political career took off and the University of Chicago invented a $316,000 per year job for Michelle, but today we learn the center was even more deeply involved in promoting Obama.

News reports are that Obama’s friends offered Rev. Jeremiah Wright $150,000 in 2008 to shut up during the presidential campaign, doubtless because everyone knew that his intemperate, racist remarks would hurt Obama. The Daily Caller reports that Edward Klein’s new book says that Rev. Wright was offered the cash to remain silent during the campaign.

In interviews today, Klein is naming names. He says the offer was made by Eric Whitaker, a close, long-time friend of Barack and Michelle’s and currently a senior administrator at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Of course, no one believes Whitaker was offering up his own money, but how much loose change does the hospital have for such political activities . Remember, Michelle’s job there was to persuade poor Chicagoans to seek medical help at other clinics, not the University Center.