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Roseanne Barr Trailing Badly in Green Party Delegate Race

It seems Roseanne Barr isn’t doing very well in her quest to be the Green Party nominee for president.

As of last week, Jill Stein, a physician who has previously run for governor of Massachusetts, has 75 percent of delegates thus far in the run-up to the Green Party convention in Baltimore in July.

After the Maine meeting of the Greens, Stein had a total of 96.5 delegates and Barr had 18.5 delegates.

And in another blow to Roseanne’s campaign, she unsuccessfully tried to recruit Willie Nelson as her running mate over the weekend.

Nelson tweeted Saturday, “@TheRealRoseanne I would be happy to run with you on the Green Party ticket. After thinking about it awhile it kept sounding better and better. Are you still interested? Love, Willie”

Roseanne later tweeted, “I am waiting to speak with Willie Nelson -sent him my cell phone number & want to speak with him. I told every1 he accepted&I still want him”

But Willie then said via tweets:

I see you are speaking to someone else regarding your vice president running mate. I know whoever your choice is they will be happy to serve with you.
I’m not ready to get into politics. I have stayed away from it this long. I am content to sit on the sidelines and criticize everyone else.
Good luck with your campaign.
Love, Willie

Roseanne has been urging voters to register as Greens, even if they plan to vote for Obama, to send the Democratic Party a message.

She and Stein debated on Saturday. “Where Obama and Romney see a world full of terrorists requiring an ever-heightened state of military positioning with Homeland and National Security, Stein and Barr see further militarization of the police, an empire of military bases in need of dismantling and a need to redefine national priorities and security,” reported Fog City Journal.