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Boehner to Obama: Your Post-It is as Small as Your Presidency

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) went after President Obama’s “to-do list” for Congress, calling his presidency as small as the faux Post-It note bearing said list for lawmakers.

“The House is doing its work. The House is governing,” Boehner said at today’s press conference.

“And what do we get from the other side?” he continued. “Show votes in the Senate, more gimmicks and posturing by the president. I can’t think of a better symbol of how small this presidency has become than looking at the Post-It note that the president’s been carrying around. We’ve got the most powerful office in the world – there to tackle big problems – and he’s shrunken it to the size of a Post-It note.”

Boehner said Republicans want to work with Obama, but “it’s about time that he get serious.”

“My goodness — our economy is stuck, we have a national debt over $15 trillion, millions of Americans are out of work, and all the president has is his gimmicky ‘to-do list?’” Boehner said. “Give me a break.”