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'Bow Tie'N White Boy': Democrat Strategist Hurls Racial Slur at Tucker Carlson

A racist comment may have ripple effects after airing on the Fox News Channel this afternoon. Democrat strategist Jehmu Greene and the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show America Live, when Greene went after Carlson personally. Twitter lit up immediately:

After a commercial break, Kelly reappeared and said that she had consulted with producers to find out if she heard Greene say “what she thought she heard.” Kelly then apologized to Carlson on behalf of herself and the Fox News Channel for Greene’s insult.

What remains to be seen is if there will be any additional fallout for Jehmu Greene. NBC will not have to creatively edit it to make it sound racist. Her comment, reversed in any way, would have created an instant firestorm on the left. Media Matters would have republished its entire dossier on Carlson, and may in fact do that in an effort to defend Jehmu Greene. As of this writing, Greene has not apologized for her comment.

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Update: Here is the video of Democrat stragist Jehmu Greene’s obviously racist comment.

Carlson and Greene were debating Democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, the competence of her campaign and her history of using minority status to gain employment advantage, which Warren denies. It was during this debate that things got heated and Greene unleashed on Carlson.

CARLSON: It was unfair when it happened under segregation, it’s unfair now. Indeed, it’s indefensible and that’s why she doesn’t want to talk about this, because she did gain material advantage by lying about her ethnic background. And no one should gain advantage because of his ethnic background, period.

GREENE: Tucker! Tucker! Elizabeth Warren has been very clear that she has not gained advantage…

CARLSON: No she has not been clear.

GREENE: And at the end of the day, she won the teaching award at Harvard two years in a row, she won teaching awards at the University of Pennsylvania, at the University of Michigan, at the University of Houston. To question this woman on her qualifications is going to be something that does appeal to…folks like you, voters like you, bow tie’n white boys, but at the end of the day it is going to backfire…

Carlson calls Greene out for name calling, and Greene immediately responds “I didn’t call you a name.”

It should be noted that Tucker Carlson was not wearing a bow tie during the segment.


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