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Q: How Many Occupiers Live on Less Than 66 Cents a Day?

Yes, rural India may sound like a difficult place to survive, but you simply do not comprehend how difficult it is for the average 30-year-old to pay for recreational sex these days, and to make student loan paym- FREE MUMIA ONE PERCENTWARONWOMENRAAAAACIST.

From today’s Times of India:

60 per cent of India’s rural population lives on less than Rs 35 a day

About 60 per cent of India’s rural population lives on less than Rs 35 a day and nearly as many in cities live on Rs 66 a day, reveals a government survey on income and expenditure.

“In terms of average per capita daily expenditure, it comes out to be about Rs 35 in rural and Rs 66 in urban India. About 60 per cent of the population live with these expenditures or less in rural and urban areas,” said Director General of National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) J Dash in his preface to the report.

Rs 35 equals $o.66 cents.

According to the 66th round of National Sample Survey (NSS) carried out between July 2009 and June 2010, all India average monthly per capita consumer expenditure (MPCE) in rural areas was Rs 1,054 and urban areas Rs 1,984.

The survey also pointed out that 10 per cent of the population at the lowest rung in rural areas lives on Rs 15 a day, while in urban areas the figure is only a shade better at Rs 20 day.

“The poorest 10 per cent of India’s rural population had an average MPCE of Rs 453. The poorest 10 per cent of the urban population had an average MPCE of Rs 599”, it said.

The NSSO survey also revealed that average MPCE in rural areas was lowest in Bihar and Chhattisgarh at around Rs 780 followed by Orissa and Jharkhand at Rs 820.


In historical terms, I would have trouble being convinced that a political movement ever existed in the history of Man that had a greater sense of entitlement, ingratitude, and a more profoundly relativist interpretation of “suffering” than the current American and European Left. Elizabeth Warren checks off a box to embrace her inner victimhood and to meet other high-cheekboned who suffer like her; she earlier claimed to be the ideological impetus behind the Occupy movement.

College graduates who received quarter-million dollar loans — that’s Rs 13,350,518.18 — with deferred payments demanding debt forgiveness? Their grandparents fled the Cossacks to live; the Left won’t relocate to South Dakota, with more $100,000 jobs than applicants, because it’s South Dakota, man. And they would never dirty their hands with oil money.

Interestingly, dirt-cheap energy and capital are precisely the two things needed to bring prosperity to rural India. Hey! I’ve got an idea …