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True The Vote, Day Two: Breitbart Is Here

A year ago, as I drove to Houston for the first national True the Vote summit, I had a lot on my mind. Andrew Breitbart was coming in to give the closing speech, and I was introducing him. How do you introduce someone who is equal parts tornado and Tasmanian devil? He really doesn’t need much of an intro, just set him up and watch him go.

This year’s summit is different. No intro to worry about. No Breitbart speech to bring down the house, unfortunately. No new shenanigans and game-changing exposes to hear about. But he’s here all the same.

Volunteers from 32 states have gathered to bring integrity back to what has become a corrupted election process. We have heard story after story today and last night — ACORN’s $30 million Project Vote effort in 2008; several jurisdictions across several states have more names on their voter rolls than there are eligible voting adults in their area. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch directly warned that the Obama administration’s Department of Justice is working hand in hand with former ACORN lawyers who have pled guilty in voter fraud cases, on this year’s election strategy. He connected the Obama stealth amnesty for illegal aliens with this voter drive and the administration’s overt opposition to commonsense voter ID laws that have already proven to be no obstacle whatsoever to legitimate voters into a terrifying probability: that the Obama administration is preparing to steal this fall’s election.

John Fund is on the stage now. Fund has done more than any other reporter to discover, document, and expose voter fraud. But he isn’t here to crow, but to thank the activists in the room. They work for free, because they care about election integrity, at their own personal expense and often in the face of a hostile media. But they protect our votes. Fund rightly said that he could not exist without the activists’ efforts. Election is a core civil rights isue, Fund said, and he’s right: In a country built on the premise that we choose our own leaders, clean elections are fundamental to securing our freedoms. Fund noted that support for voter ID and election security is so strong among minority groups because they’re the most frequent victims of stolen votes. Research done when I was at the Republican Party of Texas backs him up on that: Fraud is worst in Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, where the local Democrats rig primaries and elections year after year after year, often stealing elections for white candidates at the expense of Hispanic candidates.

The people in this room get that. That’s why they’ve come here at their own expense. This is room full of good people putting themselves on the line to fight voter fraud and keep our country free.

Breitbart is here.


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