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On Twitter, Michael Eric Dyson Defends His Bigoted Remark to PJ Media

In case you missed Bryan’s post: on Friday, Michael Eric Dyson appeared on MSNBC and fashioned a joke regarding the residents of Tennessee, saying that his experience living there led him to believe evolution perhaps hasn’t occurred within its borders.

Dyson has a history, perhaps a career, of repeatedly hitting conservatives with vague, unsupported charges of racism — see here and here, plus note his contribution to the dumbing down of university culture here, which you kinda need to click to believe. Yet, in responding to me, he precisely threaded about four needles to keep his own bigoted remark from receiving that characterization.

Following Bryan’s post, I took to Twitter to see if he would defend direct criticism of his remark. He replied with some prototypical Alinsky-style answers. I cannot know if he believes them, or if he simply choose to defend his name with the whole magazine of leftist cliché.