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NOW Hates Stay At Home Moms Too

The Democrats are sacrificing pawns to go after the Republicans’ queen. That’s usually an indication of a shallow and ill thought out rookie strategy.

TERRY O’NEILL: What would we be saying if Hillary Clinton had said this: that Ann Romney has never, has not worked for pay outside the home a day in her life?  That’s my understanding that’s an accurate statement, and that raises the exact issue that Hilary Rosen was trying to get to, which is do Mr. & Mrs. Romney have the kind of life experience and if not, the imagination, to really understand what most American families are going through right now? I think that that was what Hilary was getting out, and so she left out the words “for pay outside the home.”

Hillary Clinton did denigrate motherhood back 1992, when she cracked about staying home baking cookies. Nice work, bringing that back up. It just proves what Republicans have been saying: That Democrats belittle stay at home moms. Barack Obama’s remark that he and Michelle didn’t have the “luxury” of Michelle staying home and raise their daughters, when the couple made about half a million dollars a year, reinforces that.

Motherhood isn’t a luxury, champ. Making a half million dollars a year while pursuing glamor power careers very much is a luxury. Obama’s remark says that the Obamas didn’t make motherhood a priority in their family. Money and politics came first for them. That’s not my opinion, it’s a fact based on what Obama said.

As for Terry O’Neill, she is the president of the National Organization of Women. That misnamed organization rakes in millions of dollars while representing only the most liberal subsection of women. O’Neill made the comments on MSNBC, a fringe channel hardly anyone even uses as background noise, let alone watches. O’Neill’s political resume is thick.

A former law professor, O’Neill taught at Tulane in New Orleans and at the University of California at Davis, where her courses included feminist legal theory and international women’s rights law, in addition to corporate law and legal ethics. She has testified before committees in the Maryland House of Delegates and has written federal amicus briefs on abortion rights for Louisiana NOW, Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.

O’Neill is a professional activist. Her credentials for advocating on behalf of mothers are…? She seems intent, if anything, on preventing motherhood.

The Democrats’ concerted attack on Ann Romney is not accidental. It’s also not smart, but it’s not accidental. They actually think that going after the wife of the candidate is a good idea. It isn’t. Ann Romney is the most sympathetic figure of the final group of candidates and their families. The Democrats are giving a two-day story legs that may run on for months. I suppose it’s better than talking about the economy, but not by much.