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Dollar Coin Mandate Would Hurt Small Business

Have you read about the effort to eliminate the dollar bill and permanently replace it with a dollar coin? S. 2049 is a legislative distraction from real issues on the national agenda. Mandating a dollar coin is a superfluous exercise in futility. Each time Congress spits out a new law, it will inevitably be paid for by the American taxpayer. Changing currency is not a concern for cash-strapped Americans right now.

As a staunch conservative, I have never welcomed nor wanted government intervention in either my private or business matters. I ran small businesses instead of a large company specifically to avoid even more government meddling. I can empathize with the small business owner who will look at the dollar coin mandate as one more costly and pointless regulation that stifles growth and makes it harder to weather this economic storm.

If S. 2049 were to become law, it would require that businesses from restaurants to laundromats spend thousands of dollars upgrading machinery just to comply with the new, required currency. How is this not a burdensome regulation? History has proven that past attempts at putting out dollar coins has always resulted in rejection from American consumers. There are billions wasted on dollar coins that never even made it out of the federal vaults. Legislating something as unpopular as the dollar coin is ridiculous.

Our taxpayer money has far better uses than going toward an unfunded mandate like S. 2049. Conservative principles would dictate opposing more government intervention where it is not needed. Our conservative leadership in Congress should not be persuaded to use liberal antics, nor should they back down to the President or the Democrats. Let small businesses do what they do best; regulate and tax them less and they will be the first to turn this economy around.